12 Engagement Gift Ideas That Aren’t Booze

I know wedding etiquette says engagement gifts aren’t mandatory but it’s against my personal policy to arrive empty handed to a party, especially if I’m there to celebrate a happy engagement. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive gift but something thoughtful goes a long way.

So, what to get? At our engagement party 90% of our gifts were wine or champagne which is so awesome and I would never say no to a booze gift but the gift that stood the most out for me were initialed ‘C’ and ‘A’ hand towels from my cousin. It felt a bit more personal and personal gifts are always the best.

Here are 12 engagement gift ideas that don’t involve alcohol:

1. Tickets to do something together: Organize a date night by gifting tickets to something they can do, like a comedy club, brewery tour, or local show.

2. A cookbook: Cooking is fun when you have a smooch chef to assist you. Inspire new recipes with a cookbook like this one for couples.

3. Corkcicle: This nifty gadget chills your wine for you — just store in the freezer then insert into a bottle of wine. Not wine drinkers? There’s also a chiller for beer.

4. His and hers gifts: Matching things is super cute, like his and hers coffee mugs, robes, or bath towels.

5. Picture frames: With engagement and wedding photos coming up they’ll need frames to display their pictures.

6. Beer glasses: Beer glassware is so underrated and can change the entire way you drink a beer. You can get a tasting glass set that covers a range of different beers.

7. Meal subscription box: Companies like Chefs Plate will deliver a box of portioned ingredients which they can then create at home following a step-by-step recipe.

8. Scratch map: Travel-loving couples can track their travels with Scratch Map, scratching out the countries they’ve visited together.

9. Board game: Nothing like encouraging a little friendly competition with a two-player board game.

10. Wedding planning book: Planning a wedding is no easy task so they’ll need some assistance. My favourite wedding planning book was A Practical Wedding which is a must read for any newly engaged couple.

11. Offer a service: Weddings require a lot of skilled help. If you’re pretty damn good at something, like calligraphy, baking, or event planning, you can offer your services as a gift.

12. Money: I 100% support cash gifts. I know it’s not original but hello, weddings are expensive! If you want to give the gift of money, go for it. You won’t hear any complaints, I promise.

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