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16 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Broke Couples

Happy Valentine’s Day, all you lovers out there.

I love Valentine’s. It’s a great holiday, isn’t it? I think there’s a lot of false pressure that makes people loathe it, like a stabbing reminder that you’re single or trying to come up with the perfect day for your S.O. Even the gouging cost of roses is enough to make you shake a fist to the commercialization of February 14th.

It’s just one day and you don’t need to drop a whole paycheque to make it special. In fact, some of the most fun you can have requires little money at all. Here are 16 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you’re broke.


1. Skip the presents altogether and save that money towards an awesome day together.

2. Buy a potted plant instead of roses — they’ll last longer and cost much less.

3. Fancy dinners out are sooo yesterday. Sharpen your cooking chops by whipping up a meal together at home. Video tutorials are always fun; try making your own sushi or comfort food à la Jamie Oliver.

4. Go ice skating at a nearby rink and fall lovingly into each other’s arms.

5. Spa treatments are expensive but some spas offer day use of their facilities at a much more affordable price point. Sanduny Spa in Toronto has steam rooms, saunas, a pool, and lounge areas which you can access for $40.

6. Learn something new about each other with Table Topics.

7. Play boardgames or video games made for two players. Mario Kart, anyone?

8. Find a trail and take a hike in the woods together.

9. Get your sweat on at a workout class.

10. Sign up for an activity, like make your own wine or rock climbing.

11. Take a massage class and practice your techniques on each other.

12. Grab your iPhones and go on a photography walk around the city. Capture couple selfies from different vantage points and document your date.

13. Relieve another couple of their dog parent duties for a day and pamper your furry friend with lots of walks and cuddles.

14. Create a DIY wine tasting by following a video and tasting along.

15. Have a double movie night watching each other’s favourite movie.

16. Will you stay together forever? See what’s in the cards with a psychic reading.


What are you planning for Valentine’s Day?

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