5 Expensive Purchases I Don’t Regret

I have a pretty meh attitude when it comes to buying things, especially expensive things. It’s not in my nature to make big ticket purchases because I don’t believe that the most expensive option is necessarily the best option. There are a few things in life though that I won’t object to paying more for because from experience I know that it’s worth it.

Good kitchen knives
For anyone who cooks, a good set of kitchen knives will change your life. Andrew and I invested in quality knives when we first moved in together and it made me wonder how I went so long using crappy, dull ones (which, by the way, are more dangerous than sharp knives). Chopping, cutting, dicing, julienning will become easy breezy and reduce the amount of time it takes to prep your meal.

A comfortable, high-quality mattress
Mattresses don’t get as much credit as they deserve. We spend way too much time on them to get all cheap when it comes down to buying one. Sleep is also one of the best past times there is so I think we can afford to treat ourselves to a nice pillow-top, especially when you won’t have to buy another one for at least 10 years.

Winter boots
Winter is a fact for us Canadians and despite having endured 30 cold, harsh winters, I still dread it every year. While I work towards snowbird goals, I make winter less miserable by making sure I’m properly outfitted to withstand the cold and that all starts with a proper pair of winter boots. You could have the warmest, high-tech, made-for-arctic-expedition jacket but it’s all over if you have wet slushy socks. Well-crafted waterproof winter boots will keep your feet dry and your toesies warm while you countdown the days until spring.

Wunder Under pants
My Wunder Under yoga pants are the best clothes purchase I’ve ever made. I do everything in them: working out, running errands, lounging around the house, and I never travel without them. I bought my first pair over five years ago and despite regular wear, they’re still kicking it and are one of my go-to’s. The customer service at Lululemon is also awesome — they provide free repairs and alterations so I’ve had my tights hemmed and stitched up once after I tore it for the low, low price of $0.

Investing in myself
Any form of self-improvement is never a bad purchase. I’ve never regretted spending money on increasing my physical and mental well-being, traveling, starting my own business, or taking courses to learn a new skill. You are the best investment you can make!


What expensive purchases can you justify?

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  • Reply Robert September 1, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    Great post. Some might also splurge on bed sheets as well. I agree that the most expensive option isn’t always the best.

    What mattress do you recommend? I’ve wanted a nice mattress for years. I took a well known consumer advocate’s advice on a mattress earlier this year and I didn’t like the result. Luckily it was fairly inexpensive. I’ll be moving in a couple months and I’ve decided I’m going to splurge on my CalKing ultra comfortable bed. My sleep quality is in need of improvement and it’s affecting my overall health so it’s time to loosen the purse strings a bit.

    • Reply Christine September 4, 2017 at 11:25 am

      We switched to a pillow top mattress and it’s been amazing! Add a CalKing to that mix and you’ll be sleeping like a baby.

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