diy envelope liners

Easy DIY Wedding Envelope Liners

We’ve received our wedding invites and will be sending them out next week. It’s getting real!

Our invites came with your standard 5×7 envelopes –they’re white, thin, and pretty plain looking. They’d worked fine for our Save the Dates but we want something more fancy for the invitations. There was the option of purchasing different wedding envelopes but I couldn’t swallow the extra cost and waste of buying something we already have. I looked into pre-cut envelope liners which would’ve ran us up $40. Cheaper compared to envelopes but still felt expensive for a “nice to have”.

Option #3: DIY envelope liners! I was perusing through the aisle at Michaels art store and came across these super cute patterned paper on sale for 25¢ each. I thought they would be perfect for liners.

There were so many pretty patterns but I wanted to keep it simple because our invitations were already so colourful. Michaels didn’t carry enough of the designs that I liked so I picked up nice gift wrap and used that to make liners with too. It came in a roll so I laid it out flat overnight which made working with the wrap much easier.

In total I spent $12 bucks. It was really easy to do and you can gather some friends to help out with the tracing, cutting, and gluing.


What you’ll need:


– patterned paper (gift wrap will work quite nicely)
– envelope size of your choice
– thick board paper (even a cereal box will do)
– pencil
– scissors
– glue


step 1

Step 1: Trace your envelope on to a thick board to create your stencil, then cut it out. When cutting, leave a few millimetres from the pencil trace so it fits inside the envelope and enough space on the flap to clear the glue. You can slip it into your envelope to test and trim where necessary.


step 2

Step 2: Use your stencil to trace on the back of your patterned paper. It’s helpful to lay the stencil flush with the sides so you’re tracing straight. This will help with patterns like stripes where you need to cut straight across. It’ll be obvious if you’re crooked!


step 3

Step 3: Cut out the stencil and place it inside the envelope. Make sure it fits snug and below the glue adhesive.


step 4

Step 4: Fold the envelope flap over and make a crease on the liner. Place glue on the flap and as much as you can reach below the crease so that the liner stays glued to the envelope when your recipient opens it. Press down firmly.


Ta-da! Pretty envelopes!

diy envelope liners

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  • Reply Get Wed Soon April 3, 2017 at 4:48 am

    Wow, loved your artistic approach! People usually spend a fortune on creating fancy wedding invitation cards, which ultimately end up in the guests’ dustbins. Why not go DIY and save a lot of costs, while at the same time make the guests feel special with your personalized message!
    Get Wed Soon recently posted…22 amazing ‘Bottle Openers and Stoppers’ Wedding Favors ideasMy Profile

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