Getting Our Home Ready for Spring

Spring is here! The weather is getting warmer and I can’t wait until I officially retire my winter jacket.

While Mother Nature will dictate everything happening outdoors, I thought I’d bring a little spring into our place indoors. One of my big to-do’s for this year is to redecorate our apartment and we’ve spent the last few weeks getting it in spring-ready mode.

It’s not just about deep cleaning those long forgotten corners of your home — spring cleaning is a time to “turn over” your home in honour of nature’s transformations (and our own!) to a new season. It doesn’t require much and a tweak here and there will go a long way. Here are a few ways we got our home spring-ready.


Complete a closet audit
It’s been months since I wore my spring and summer clothes and going through my closet, I found items that either didn’t fit me anymore or suit my current style. Some items were so well worn that they’re no longer in wearable condition. All of these items I’m donating to make room for replacement pieces or new additions.

Change up our bedsheets
We have a thick and ultra warm duvet that I love to bury myself into in the winter but we both sweat right through it when the weather gets warmer. The duvet has been folded up into storage and replaced with a breathable quilt that makes for a more comfortable sleep.

Add plants to our living spaces
Plants have a way of breathing life into a room (literally). My favourite foolproof plants are pothos, spider plants, and snake plants, all which require very little maintenance. We don’t get much light in our apartment though so I put cut greenery in vases and placed them in zero light areas where an indoor plant wouldn’t thrive. They last much longer than flower bouquets and cost way less.

Paint the walls
The biggest eyesore of our pre-spring apartment was the seafoam green wall that made up the living room and hallway. It was ugly as hell and made our space feel dated and tired. It was there when we first moved in and who knows why it took us so long to get rid of it but now I’m wondering why we didn’t do it sooner. We painted over with a fresh white colour and it dramatically changed the feel of the room. Everything pops out against it — plants, wall art, furniture — and completely modernized our living space. Paint, guys, goes a long way.

Find a new doormat
It’s the first thing people see when they walk up to your home and can set the tone for what’s inside. My personal favourites are this home plate doormat for baseball fansthis mat if you live in a gangster’s paradise, and this one if you get too many unwanted visitors.

Use new scents
Winter is a time for pine and sandalwood but spring calls for clean fragrances like citrus and rose. We switched up our essential oils, candles, and diffusers to bring season-appropriate smells into our home.

Get new wall art
We already have framed wall art so we found new prints that can fit into the frames, and swapped them. You can find super cheap prints from Ikea or use images from an old wall calendar.

Open the window
Sure, it’s still a bit chilly out but on warmer days we open up our windows and backyard door to let some fresh air in. Ahhhh, spring!

How are you getting your home ready for spring?

This post was inspired by the good folks at Leesa.

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  • Reply RDK March 31, 2017 at 12:19 pm

    All good points. Maybe refresh with some new plants. Having a bigger house with young kids, just tidying, sweeping and mopping the floors is a major accomplishment.

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