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Well, lots to update on.


First things first…we’re moving!

Last month when I was in Thailand and Andrew was in Brazil, we received an email from our landlord letting us know he had sold the condo and we had to move out by July 15th. Conveniently it’s also the same day we’re getting married.

We began our search and it was a huge reality check. Andrew and I haven’t been in the renter’s market in almost five years and we were completely out of the loop on what to expect. We knew we wanted to upgrade to a 2-bedroom apartment and explore a different neighbourhood but the going rent for our ideal apartment was much more than we had estimated — I guess that’s what happens when you’re in a hot real estate market and you’re paying 2012 rent rates. So we had to find more leeway in our budget and expand our search.

When it came to apartment viewings, we only scheduled two and both were within a few blocks of each other. The landlord from the first apartment pre-screened us before she invited us to see the place and when we met her she told us we were one of nine couples to see the apartment.

We walked over to the second apartment and it was a ZOO. There were potential tenants lined up around the block and people waiting their turn outside of doorways to go into a room. It was a beautiful space but it was clear they were looking for a bidding war and we just couldn’t be bothered. We put in only one application to apartment #1, sold ourselves hard, and were ecstatic when we found out we got the place.

It’s perfect. Right in Trinity Bellwoods where we both wanted to be and have the whole second floor to ourselves. Two bedrooms, tons of natural light, and a private deck for our BBQ!

We move in the first week of July so we have some time to settle in before the wedding. Getting that apartment was a huge weight off our shoulders because our wedding was just two months away and we already had so much going on. We heard about couples on the apartment hunt for months because of the amount of competition and it was the last thing we wanted to deal with.


Aaaaand then our wedding venue flooded.

Shortly after we saved ourselves from looming homelessness, we find out that our venue is knee deep in water, along with most of the Toronto Islands. It’s so bad that the City of Toronto has cancelled all event permits on the islands until August.

Here we are without a wedding venue…again.

Losing a venue once was tough but losing another venue a few weeks before your wedding date…we weren’t happy. We talked about eloping, pushing the date out, or having a small intimate wedding, anything to take away the stress of having to plan this wedding anymore. Nothing felt right though — we wanted to have the wedding we’ve envisioned! So we let ourselves sulk that night over greasy takeout and beers and got to work the next day.

We threw a Hail Mary and emailed every event space, restaurant, cafe, bar we could think of to see if they were able to accommodate us. July 15th is a popular wedding date and most places were already booked; luckily we were able to tour four venues with availability and booked with an amazing theatre venue that we’re really excited about. The space is new, beautiful, and modern, and the Events Manager has been an absolute blessing to work with. She has been on top of everything, working with us day, late nights and weekends to get everything in order for our big day.

We’ll be able to keep most of our vendors we’ve already booked with but need to manage all of the rentals and decor in the new space. I’m at this point now where if we can easily do it, we will. If not, we’ll find someone to do it for us or can the idea altogether. When you have 35 days to throw a wedding, you have to pick and choose your battles.


July will no doubt be a crazy month — cross your fingers for us!

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  • Reply Claudio Meeks June 12, 2017 at 1:09 pm

    Oh wow good luck Christine !!! Best wishes and hopefully all will work out ?. Meanwhile we are selling our condo here in San Diego and moving to Sacramento sometime in July. We are under contract on both sides… so one is depending upon the other … its been stressful… started right about before I started my trip through Europe… but thats another… long story that deserves another day … hah ?
    Anyways, wish the best for you guys and congratulations!!!

    • Reply Christine June 13, 2017 at 10:07 am

      Oh wow!! Exciting time! I’m sure everything will work out 🙂 Good luck with the move and thanks so much for the wishes!

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