Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving

#LetsGetReal. Next Thursday will be my 31st birthday.

I have no qualms about getting old. In fact, I embrace it. In my teens I always thought 28 was *the* age to be. 28 sounded so mature, like you had your shit figured out and knew exactly where life was taking you. My twenties started off rocky but each year that went by I began building an identity for myself and can actually pinpoint 28 being the year that things started falling into place for me. I didn’t have everything figured out of course but I was definitely getting my shit together.

Since then I’ve been really focused on self-improvement: reading self-help books, exploring new hobbies, figuring out what kind of people I want to surround myself with, doing things I find terrifying but exciting at the same time.

Investing in myself and working on my personal development has been eye opening. My biggest takeaway has been solidifying my sense of self and developing an appreciation for the qualities that make up me. Like most people, there are things about myself that I wish I could change but rather than viewing them as flaws, I consider their positive attributes and how they benefit me and the people around me.

I used to think my laid back, easy going personality made me boring. I’m not naturally an opinionated person, couldn’t start up drama if I tried, and would make a terrible reality TV star. What’s the fun in being a simpleton? But the upside of my personality means that I’m pragmatic, can get along with just about anyone, and rarely give off negative energy. Plus I hate conflict anyways so I definitely don’t mind the drama-free life.

I could force myself to be more outgoing but it wouldn’t feel natural and it wouldn’t come from an authentic place. I wouldn’t be acting on the real me. There’s room in this world for all personality types and we are all separate people, so there’s no reason for me to be someone I’m not.

Going into my first anniversary of my thirties, I’ve never felt so confident in who I am, my worth, and what I can offer this world. I’m happy with where I am in my life, the people I have in it, and the things I choose to do to occupy my time. I’m also excited knowing that as I get older and experience more of life, my perspective will change and so will my real self. But at this moment I’m exactly who I need to be.

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