Wedding Updates

According to our website, Andrew and I are getting married in 184 days! It’s crazy. Wasn’t it yesterday we got engaged? And now it’s happening in a few short months. July is by no means “soon” but I know it’ll sneak up on us. I feel like we’re at a pretty good place right now though. We have all […]

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6 Things I’m Going to Quit Buying in 2017

How’s your 2017 going? And what about those resolutions? I’ve been ruthlessly decluttering and clearing our space in the process of carrying out my own resolution of adultizing our apartment. It’s amazing how stuff can just gather up in the back of a closet or in the bottom drawer of a dresser and more surprisingly, how much a 600 square […]

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Holiday Cheer

Merry Christmas! I had a fun and relaxing weekend at my parents’. My sister, Melissa, is back from school after having spent the last four months in Halifax. For the second year in a row we did a Secret Santa gift exchange via between the four of us and Andrew, and we all got together on Christmas Day to […]

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koh lanta ferry

Taking the Ferry to Koh Lanta from Ao Nang

If you’re looking for great beaches with a laid-back vibe, Koh Lanta is it. It has it all — great diving, delicious food, clean beaches, a national park, and fishing villages to explore. Koh Lanta is a peaceful paradise not overly saturated with tourists and is definitely worth a visit if you’re island hopping in Thailand.   Booking the ferry […]

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Last Night in Bangkok

Hi friends! I have to get up in 7 hours so I’m going to keep this one light 🙂 I’m writing to you from my hostel in Bangkok. It’s far from the city centre but within walking distance to DMK airport, where I’ll be catching an early morning flight tomorrow to Hanoi and eventually making my way back to Toronto. […]

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8 Ways to Make Money Online While You’re on the Road

This week’s post is by my guest blogger Mary Walton, a fellow blogger at Simple Grad. Travelling is fantastic, there’s no doubt about it. However, you’ve got to think about how you’re going to fund your travels while you’re away from home. With some work you can make all of your cash online. Most hotels, hostels, and coffee shops have […]

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student travel

5 Hacks for Travelling on a College Budget

Happy Thursday! This week’s post is by my guest blogger Tess Pajaron from Open Colleges. One of the best times to travel is while you’re in college. You haven’t started your professional life yet, and other than school, you most likely aren’t overloaded with grounding commitments that will keep you tethered to one place. The only thing that stops most students is […]

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cathay pacific

…And We’re Off to Asia!

Our SE Asia adventure starts TODAY when we fly out this eve. First stop: Siem Reap! We’re super excited and have a great trip lined up. We have a loose itinerary to allow for lots of room to explore and wander. First things first though…I need to start packing. Eeks! See you guys in three weeks when I’m back. As always, send […]

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unique wedding

10 Unique Wedding Venues in Ontario

One of the top things on our wedding must-have’s is a unique venue that reflects who we are as a couple. We wanted something unique and casual and our search took us to the far depths of the internet to discover all the non-conventional places we could get married at. The great news is if you’re looking for a unique […]

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